Beginners Guide to Online Casinos

Have you got any doubts, questions, concerns? Lets see if we can answer them for you right here in our Beginners Guide to Online Casinos.

What is an online casino?

In some ways you are interacting with a faceless software program, as quick as you computer connection and as reliable as any computer program can be. The programs are all tested for accuracy and deliver a fair game. Behind the scenes though are the support staff. These people know the games backwards and can help if you have a problem. You must use the live help or toll free line if you have a problem. The support people will work things out most of the time.

Do online casinos cheat? Is it safe to play online?

The software uses a random number generator to ensure the results are truly random. It is possible for a casino to cheat but if this happens to you, come to us and we will get involved to sort this out. We in any event only list casinos using software that is well known, respected, and audited. We also for your convenience offer online casinos reviews about all Casinos that we recommend. We also encourage our readers to make use of reviews as this not only gives you information regarding the Casino, it also allows you to compare reviews and therefore make the best choice of Casinos that suits your needs.

Where are online casinos located?

Take a look at their “about us” pages and you will find many registered in Costa Rica, Curacao, Canada and more. With the internet though, they may as well be next door too because the online interaction is virtually instantaneous.

Is online gambling legal?

In many jurisdictions it is legal. You do need to make the approrpiate enquiries to ensure that you are not living in state/county/country where gambling online is illegal.

So, what do I do first?

First, make sure that you have the right equipment: a valid credit card or eWallet, a PC, and an Internet connection. If you have a Mac or Web TV, you are unfortunately going to struggle with very limited choices. You can try Slotland though! Pick the casino you find most appealing (we offer many throughout the site).

Preview the games

For a sneak peak at the casinos games, go to the “preview” page on the casinos web site. It is here that you can choose any game from playing poker on line right down to slots and blackjack.

Ok, now to the download

When you find a casino you like, go to the casinos “download” page. Enter your e-mail address so that you can receive a key code that you will need later to unlock the software the first time you run the program. (This is NOT always necessary). Just make sure you follow the instructions.

You can always use Flash!

If you have a firewall, or if you don’t want to download the casino, you can usually play the games in flash. Many casinos have this option. Some casinos also offer no download games that use Java.

Open up the casino

Start the casino program by clicking the icon. You will need to wait while the basic games download. Log in using the code the casino sent you (or were advised on screen).

Select the games

The basic games downloaded. It’s time to highlight those you want to play that are not yet downloaded (I do them all immediately so I have a choice later).

Still hesitant? Try Fun mode

You can elect to play in fun mode. The games play 100% the same in fun mode as they do for real play. Learning is fun and you don’t lose a penny doing it!

Play for Real Money

Proceed to the casino “Cashier” to deposit betting money into your casino account. There are usually several deposit methods available, so choose the most convenient. This process can take a bit of time because the online casino operates with great security (mainly to protect you!). With money in your account, you are now ready to pick your favorite game and play to your heart’s content.

Support are there for YOU

If you have a question or should encounter a problem, contact the casino’s support department by e-mail, fax, or phone. You will find this information on the casino’s web site on the “Contact” page. Live help is also a feature on many casinos (it’s like a chat feature).

Cashing out your winnings

When you are finished playing for the time being, your betting money can be safely stored in your casino account until your next gaming session. If you wish to cash out some or all of the money stored in your casino account, go to the “Cashier” and click on “withdrawal.” Select a withdrawal alternative and follow the instructions.

We hope our Beginners Guide to Online Casinos helped you.