Online Video Poker Guide

A useful Online Video Poker Guide

With our Online Video Poker Guide, we give you the low-down on Online Video Poker. Unlike slots where the results are truly random, you get to affect the final result when playing video poker. If you follow a solid, mathematically based strategy, there is no reason that you shouldn’t consider your odds to be fair that you can end up a winner.

There are a number of video poker variations, the most basic of which is the single hand Jacks or Better game. This game has very low odds for the casino and if played carefully, you can nurse your stake along until a good payout arrives and you can cash in with a profit. But, players do not like to sit and play this careful game. They want action. Should you be a newcomer to the game, there are a great many Online Casinos that offer free video poker where you can practice the game before playong for rela money. These are some examples of new variations which add to the spice and pace of the game:

Multihand video poker

All the major software providers now make video poker available in a multihand format. Our favorite is Realtime Gaming software which offers up to 100 hand poker games. You have to keep an eye on the payout tables though because each casino gets to decide what odds to allow on these games. Microgaming have their power poker games which range from 4 hands through to the soon to be released 50 hand version. Obviously this is much faster paced than the traditional game plus, when you are dealt a good initial hand, you can capitalise on it in a big way. We have picked up 4 ROyal flushes in one single hand when playing the Realtime Gaming 100 hand game.

Bonus poker

The software providers have also provided the bonus versions of the game. Extra payouts for 4 Two’s or a bonus for Aces and Eights. They obviously adjust the game settings though so be aware that you are not getting an easier to win game simply because there are higher odds for hitting say 4 of a kind. Your return on straights, flushes and the like are weaker here so you can expect your stake to dwindle a little faster unless of course you hit a lucky streak!

Wild Cards

Games like Deuces Wild or Deuces and Joker offer an excellent chance to have many many winning hands. The payout tables are weaker at the bottom and you generally need 3 of a kind to get a payout. Playing these variations affords you the best chance of hitting a royal but it will generally be a royal that includes one of the wild cards which pays much less than a natural Royal Flush.

Video Poker Strategy

We have created a dedicated page for you to study. Click here for our Video Poker Strategy page.