Online Bingo Guide

A handy little Online Bingo Guide.

Our quick guide to Online Bingo will help you know where to play the game safely. More people play bingo online than was ever anticipated. They play for the fun of it. They make friends, they win money (sometimes), but most of all, they enjoy the sense of community. Highly skilled bingo chat leaders ensure that everyone participates with chat games and more. Loads of freebies are available too. Without further ado, herewith our shortlist of the best online bingo halls you can hope to find online.

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Our 5 Best Bingo Halls Online

1 – Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo has certainly become one of the best known and friendliest bingo sites! There’s never a dull moment at Wink – offering 75 & 90 ball bingo playing all day which also includes some awesome free games and the biggest Instant Games on the net. You will find daily guaranteed jackpots, massive progressive pay-outs & fun-filled chat games with top Chat Hosts. Looking to brighten your day/night then Wink Bing is where its at.

2 – Vics Bingo

Vics Bingo has been around for what seems like ages and yet, every visit feels just as great as that first one. They have a refreshing approach to games and ensure that everyone, huge players (high rollers) and smaller players (low rollers) get the same quality treatment. The games range is excellent and the chat games add to the appeal of your visit. The jackpots are a feature here and it’s not unusual for big payouts to come the way of the unsuspecting player. Loyalty is always rewarded. Vics Bingo is well worth a visit.

3 – Bingo Liner

We rave about the playtech’s but Bingo Liner sports the latest superb 3D software by Leapfrog Bingo! A most awesome virtual reality experience! Add to this the solid ownership with a long association in the online gaming industry and you have a great recipe for success. You’ll find exceptional video poker and slots to keep you amused between games and the chatmasters will keep everyone happy with imaginative chat games and loads of free bingo bucks! They will even give you 15 free bingo cards just to try them out. You just have to visit Bingo Liner!

4 – Bingo Knights

Wonderful theme from King Arthurs days. Medieval knights and superb bingo software make for a great fun time! You will be treated well in this realm by your fellow knights or the chat leaders. Expect to enjoy the Dot Com Entertainment Group software, expect great cash bonuses, expect great bingo and chat games. Most of all though, expect to be happy and satisfied when playing the nickle, dime, quarter, and 50c games. Do you want to be a Bingo Knight today?

5 – 888ladies

“ is an award winning UK bingo site where adult players of all ages can play bingo online. The site has a massive selection of bingo games, including 75 ball bingo, 90 all bingo, and even team online bingo games. The community at is very welcoming and friendly, and the site has a strong community focus, with a ‘Ladies Lounge’ where you can read news and articles, take part in fun contests, and read profiles on other players.”

We hope you found our Online Bingo Guide useful.