Implied Poker Pot Odds

Beginners Guide to Implied Poker Pot Odds

One of the cornerstones of poker theory is the understanding of pot odds. Also known as Implied Poker Pot Odds or simply Pot Odds. Without a working knowledge and appreciation of pot odds, poker is just a game of luck. To fully employ your skill at the game, you must factor in pot odds. It is just as important if you play online poker or a live game.

However, just knowing pot odds is not enough. You must also understand implied odds online poker software, this is very useful for players who play online.

Pot Odds in Poker

Pot odds in poker are fairly straightforward. It simply means the amount you can win vs. the amount you must risk. If there is $100 in the pot and the bet is $25 to you, you have 4-to-1 pot odds. If the bet is $50 to you, you have 2-to-1 pot odds. If you estimate your odds of winning to be better than the pot odds offered, you have a good bet. Many player uses free pot odds calculator to improve their game.

Implied Odds in Poker

However, odds of winning and pot odds can change with the turn of every card. If you are playing Texas hold’em and facing a $25 bet on the river to win $100, it’s an easy calculation. Either you have a better than 4-to-1 chance of winning or you don’t.

However, what if you are facing that bet on the turn? Now, it’s not clear what will happen on the river. This is a case of factoring in implied odds.

How Implied Odds Work

Let’s say you hold 8d 9d. The flop is 7c Ts 3h. There is $50 in the pot and your opponent, with $400 behind, bets another $50. You now face a bet of $50 to win $100, or 2-to-1.

Your odds of making your open-ended straight on the next card are a little better than 5-to-1. If your opponent had no more money in his stack, it would be correct to fold.

However, after the turn, there is likely to be more action. If you think you will be able to get another $150 out of your opponent if you hit your straight on the turn, it is now correct to make the call.

This is implied odds. It is factoring in potential action on later streets where you could win more money if you hit your hand. Understanding this can help you make informed decisions at the poker table. If you are playing online Texas holdem odds calculators can be applied to your poker client helping you to improve your game.

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