PartyPoker stops third-party software

PartyPoker details stance over third-party software

PartyPoker8 October 2015

Certain customers have been using third-party software to gain access to have an advantage over other players. PartyPoker the online poker brand which is operated by announced they will be taking a number of steps to stop customers from using this software. In the next few weeks there will be a number of changes across its service.

In these changes PartyPoker is making it will include players not being able to view the last 12 months and they won’t be able to download or save any of their own histories to any local device. Players will only see their opponents name once when their first hand is dealt in a cash game, Players wanting to join a cash game will join a room-wide waiting list and will randomly be chosen when there is another player that matches their preference.

Games labels director at Golan Shaked added that these changes they are making is to offer a fair service and to protect their players. As part of their Poker for the people campaign, PartyPoker team commits to provide each poker player with trusted poker products that is fair, fun and ethical, regardless of each players experience.
“We will continue working with the wider poker community on developing a mutually beneficial, trusting relationship” said Golan Shaked.

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