The Heroes and Villains That Rock Casinos

X-Men – The Heroes and Villains That Rock Casinos

There is a growing trend in online casinos where movie themes and storylines are used to makegames. One of the latest casino games is X-Men. It is based on the movie series theme and classic book where 5heroes were pitted against 5 villains. The game has a blue and red background. While the redbackground is reserved for the villains, the heroes reign on the blue background. For starters, thereis usually a slight confusion in figuring out who is who because keeping track of ten characters canbe quite a task. With time however it becomes easy to maneuver and quickly identify the heroes and villains.

X-Men is arguably one of the highly polished casino games out in the market today. It sits at thehighest echelon in the 5-slot progressive casino games. Its common features are a wild symbol, ascatter bonus, two free game modes and a unique X-feature.

Playing X-Men

Playing this Online casino game is relativelysimple although you have to get the facts right. You start by selecting a bet denomination which canbe anywhere between 1 pence and 5 pounds. You also need to select the pay lines that you wouldlike to play. Pay lines vary from 1 to 25. Lastly you spin the reel then you wait and see what it willyield.

X-Men Additional Features

In addition to the pay lines, there are a host of other features that X-men brings on board. There isthe wild symbol which has a capacity to replace all the symbols except the scatter symbol. With 5wild symbols, you win a massive 10,000 in credits.

The second feature is the scatter. When you successfully line up 3 X-Men symbols, you willautomatically activate either the villains mode or the heroes mode. In each of these two games, theplayer enjoys free spins and winnings are multiplied when symbols characterizing either the villainsor heroes appear on the slots.

The third feature of this internet casino game is the X feature. This feature can make you win fivetimes the bet you have placed by putting 5 heroes together in the form of an X at the center of theslot.

This game comes in both the free and paid version. The free version does not make you eligible fora jackpot. The paid version however has the advantages in that you receive the extra power, superpower and finally the power jackpot. The different power levels are triggered randomly althoughthere is a correlation in the number of times you bet and your chances of accessing the online casino bonus game. The more you bet the higher your chances which may finally lead to the jackpots.