Sevens and Stripes Slot, back to basics!

Sevens and Stripes Sevens and Stripes game play

This is one of the simpler online slot games created by RTG (Real Time Gaming), the goal of this game is to get three 7s or bars on the center line. Sevens and Stripes is a small bet big win game. So you can bet anything between $0.05 – $5 and end up winning the Jackpot if your luck is good.

Sevens and Stripes biggest payouts

In order to win any of the large payouts you actually have to bet a max of 3 coins per spin.

There is the Jackpot of the game: 

The Combination of Red, White and blue Sevens on the center line pays 10 000 credits (max $50,000) when betting three coins. On the other had this exact combination only pays 4 800 when you bet 2 coins and 2400 when you only bet one coin. The Value of each wager will increase when you bet the max amount.

Then there is the Progressive Jackpot: 

This is the second type of big payout this Game offers players. Sevens and Stripes at times may give you this payout if you get 3 sevens. In exactly this order of Red, White and Blue.  Which by this time of having 3 sevens in the colour order could give you a much larger amount instead of the original 10 000 coins. The Progressive Jackpot amount is always displayed at the top above the 3 reels in plain sight so players can see how much they are spinning for.

The only thing left to do now is place your bet and click the SPIN button and sit back and wait to see if you got 7s!

Sevens and Stripes Extra

This Slot might be a bit old school but is good for a first timer to experience the slot machine world and it’s Sevens and Stripes slot machineso simple. This slot takes online gaming back a few years to when there were no bonus features or free spins, etc. Yet it is such a pleasant slot to play.

In addition every winning combination has a different payout; the payouts will also vary depending on the amount betted. So for example if you bet 2 coins and you got 3 red Sevens on the center line. You can win approximately 2398 coins. There are other payout options some small and others big but the thrill of the game is that you never know what you will win.

Sevens and Stripes specs

  • Number of reels:                         Three
  • Number of paylines:                      One
  • Coin value:                              $0.05 – $5
  • Min bet/payline:                         1 coin
  • Max bet/payline:                         3 coins
  • Max Jackpot:                             10,000 coins
  • Scatter symbols:                         No
  • Bonus game:                              No
  • Progressive jackpot:                     Yes
  • Software provider:                       Real Time Gaming

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